About The Show

Q: What the heck is all this about?

A: Well, it's a car show. That's the main idea. It also happens to benefit Make-A-Wish North Dakota.

Q: So is this a fundraiser?

A:Well, yes and no! Your "ticket" to The Show is a new, unused toy, game, etc. The items we collect on July 18th will be given to kids with life-threatening conditions as part of the Wish-granting process.

We do also accept cash, check and card gifts too!

Q: What sort of toys are you looking for?

A: All kinds of playthings and cool stuff! Wish Kids range in age from 2-1/2 to 17 years old. Some ideas could include: building sets, games, headphones, art supplies, puzzle books, craft or science kits, etc. Be imaginative!

Q: I thought Make-A-Wish just sent kids on trips and things... where do the toys fit in?

A: Yes, many kids' wishes do involve travel, but the wish-granting process begins with specially-trained volunteers. These Wish-Granters, as they are known, meet with a child and his or her family to determine the child's One True Wish. Wish Granters bring with them to the child's home a few small "goodies" to brighten their day and give them comfort through a scary time.